As with many other gifted artists who have died prematurely, Stig Dagerman’s life and writing has taken on mythic proportions, and continues to generate interest from readers and researchers alike. He continues to be the subject of research from multiple perspectives: philosophical, psychological, political, and journalistic. Researchers have also examined the relationship of his writing to film, and his spectacular success among contemporary audiences in France and Italy.

Dagerman as Myth

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Dagerman’s Philosophy: “The keyword in Stig Dagerman’s writing is freedom.”

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Writer’s Block & Creativity Crisis – Comparison to Strindberg

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I have chosen to study August Strindberg and Stig Dagerman is not only because I much like them as authors. My primary reason is that the former went through a difficult and well-documented midlife crisis that was followed by a powerful creative period, whereas the latter chose to end his life.—Johan Cullberg

Dagerman & Psychology

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Dagerman as Journalist

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Dagerman’s Politics/Anarchism

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Dagerman and Theater

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In French and English translation:
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The Writer and the Refugee, Amazon, US, 2019

Dagerman and the Medium of Film

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Dagerman and the World of Beasts

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Dagerman’s Letters

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Impressions by Those Who Met Him

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Dagerman och Anita Björk

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