Stig Dagerman typing on a typewriter.

The Stig Dagerman Society was founded in 1987 by two men in their thirties, Bengt Söderhäll and Urban Forsgren, who wanted to share their passion for Dagerman's texts and help channel that of others. The purpose of the society is to promote knowledge about and reading of Dagerman's work. One objective is to establish a complete Dagerman collection of books, texts, and other references for those seeking extensive knowledge about his writings and the times in which he lived. Members receive at a very modest cost three or four Dagerman Newsletters per year.

Since 1992, the Society has a one-room museum, The Dagerman Room, in Älvkarleby, not far from the farm where Dagerman was born.

The Society has published several volumes, among them the essay Vårt behov av tröst är omättligt (Our Need for Consolation Is Insatiable) and Stig Dagerman i ögonblicksbilder with snapshot accounts of people who met Dagerman. These booklets are so far available in Swedish only.

One of the more spectacular initiatives of the society has been the Annual Stig Dagerman Award, first given in 1996 to a victim of bullying.


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