Q: "The absolute highlight of your new album Banco has to be 'Notre besoin de consolation est impossible à rassasier'. How did you come up with the idea of setting this text by Stig Dagerman to music?"

A: "… a friend of mine lent me the book and it just hit me instantly. I believe there are moments when certain things need to be heard and I felt Dagerman's text, which he wrote back in 1952, is just so topical now. The way I read it, his text is an anthem to freedom. It's a song that's absolutely vital now, despite the tragic fate of its author who committed suicide shortly after writing the book. There are some really powerful lines in it, both from a poetic and philosophical point of view. And, I have to admit, the idea of including a track that lasts almost 20 minutes appealed to us as a strong statement in an age dominated by speed, shortened attention spans and permanent channel-hopping." More…

—Christian Olivier, singer in French group Têtes Raides, interviewed on rfi/musique on December 17, 2007

Compositions by Text

Our Need for Consolation Is Insatiable (essay), see Film, Dance

CD cover of Têtes Raides. 2007 Notre consolation est impossible à rassassier (reggae). Têtes Raides, 20 min track on Banco CD.

To Kill A Child (short story), see Film

2008 To Kill A Child (rock). Freeshine, track on All Blood Is Royal CD. Music Video


Many Swedish musicians have put music to Dagerman's poems and satirical verses ("pithy poems"). For example:

2009 Regn. Bengt Söderhäll & Urban Forsgren sings Dagerman, Sweden. Listen
2008 Four songs with texts by Stig Dagerman (modern, acoustic). Jørgen Plaetner, composer. CD, Dacapo, Denmark.
2007 No One Can Reinvent The World (ballad, piano) working track. Anders Edenroth (RealGroup), translation by Steven Hartman, Sweden.
CD cover of En broder mer. 2006 En broder mer (folk guitar). Bengt Söderhäll & Urban Forsgren sings Dagerman, CD 13 tracks, Sweden.
CD cover of Aldrig slocknar längtan efter ljus. 2006 Aldrig slocknar längtan efter ljus - Stig Dagerman i ord och ton (ballads, piano, readings). Leif Gellerfalk & Rene Dagerman, CD 10 music tracks; 6 readings, Sweden.
CD cover of Stig Dagerman by Hawkey Franzen. 2005 Stig Dagerman, (country, blues; guitar). Hawkey Franzen, CD 12 tracks, Sweden.

En Broder Mer

Jorden kan du inte göra om
Stilla din häftiga själ
Endast en sak kan du göra
en annan människa väl.

Men det är redan så mycket
att själva stjärnorna ler
En hungrande broder mindre
betyder en broder mer.

No One Can Reinvent the World

No one can reinvent the world.
Quiet your hurricane soul.
A hand outheld may be all you can offer
to help make a broken man whole.

But this, friend, is more than enough –
a star's steady smile through the rain.
One less human heart bound to hunger
is a sister or brother we gain.

Translation by Steven Hartman.