French cover of A Thousdan Years with God. French cover of A Thousand Years with God.

Fine Arts

"When I read A Thousand Years with God I was struck by the fantastic scenario and Dagerman's remarkable language. There is something visual in the text, almost like stage directions, that I wanted to capture."

—Artist Patrik Qvist, interview in Dagens Nyheter, September 9, 2009

Thousand Years with God (prose excerpt), see Film

Oil paintings. Tusen år hos gud. Patrik Qvist, b. 1968. Gallery Niklas Belenius, Sep 3-27, Stockholm, Sweden.
Drawings/Illustrations. Dieu rend visite à Newton (1727). Mélanie Delattre-Vogt, b. 1984. Les éditions de Chemin de fer, France.


Ellipsis image. Ellipsis.

Our Need for Consolation Is Insatiable (essay), see Music, Theater, Film

Ellipsis. Anthony Kurt-Gabel, Choreography and Concept. Performed by Fish in a Bowl, London, UK.


Fiction Based on Dagerman's Life

Olsson, Kenth. Utan Ord – Stig Dagermans sommar på Österlen. Novel. Bokpro, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ranelid, Björn. Mitt namn skall vara Stig Dagerman. Novel. Bonniers, Stockholm, Sweden.