“The key word in Dagerman’s writings is freedom.”

Dagerman broke onto the literary scene when he was twenty-two. He enjoyed phenomenal success publishing novels, short stories, a travel book about post-war Germany, plays, poems, and a large amount of journalism at a rapid rate. Then, suddenly he fell silent. In 1954, Sweden was stunned to learn that Stig Dagerman, the epitome of his generation of writers, had been found dead in his car: he had closed the doors of his garage and started the engine. Read more

I seek out consolation as hunter tracking prey.

Latest News November 2017

Composer Nuria Gimenez Comas presents NOTRE BESOIN DE CONSOLATION/OUR NEED FOR CONSOLATION with actor Lambert Wilson reading Stig Dagerman's text set to a modern orchestration performed by Geneva Camerata.

In remembrance of the victims of the 1938 Berlin November pogrom (the night of the broken glass), composer/singer Channa Riedel performed FLYKTEN VALDE OSS/FLIGHT SOUGHT US OUT at an event at the Stockholm Synagogue.

Stig Dagerman's novel THE SNAKE is translated and published in Greece.